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Sutton Mock Tests 2019

As tutors and parents one of our biggest worries is the stress that sitting an 11+ exam can have on our children. We always try and give advice on ways of reducing this and will try to write a blog on this later in the year.

Preparation is key. If your son or daughter have sat tests before then this will really help them be well prepared on the day of the real thing. The Sutton Grammar School Mock Test will go live on the 2nd January at 10.30am. Although Sutton may not be convenient for our Parents, the mock test is very well run, gives excellent feedback and is always oversubscribed. It will give your child the chance to be in a test environment and we think it’s great preparation for when they eventually sit the Bexley Grammar Schools and Kent Grammar Schools exams.

This link will take you to the Sutton Grammar Mock test site Registration is open now so register your details to be ready to sign up on the 2ndJan. Please do note that the places for the mock tests do get filled within the first few days of them being released, so in order to get the slots most convenient for you we advise parent to log in and sign up as soon as the site opens at 10.30am 2nd Jan ‘19.

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