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How it works


Our tuition is carried out in group classes.  Each of our classes are run by two tutors who will teach and support the class during each session.  Most group tuition classes are manned by only one tutor which can mean some children are left behind.  By having two tutors, we are able to both teach and ensure all children have understood the concepts being taught, recapping on an individual basis where necessary.  This eases many parent's apprehension regarding group tuition, particularly coming into the 11+ for the first time. 

Group tuition is one of the most effective ways to get the best out of your child. Success in the 11+ is dependent on how your child does at that moment in the exam against their cohort. How do you know your child is prepared if you have nothing to compare to? 

The competition in the class brings out the best in the student and makes them want to do well.  This motivation helps in the overall process as well as giving them the opportunity to make new close friends - some of whom may end up being their future classmates! 

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The Teaching

Eleven plus exams generally consist of two or more test papers.  In general the subjects tested are English, Maths, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning, however its worth noting that the format and subject coverage can differ depending on the test provider.  Our courses are tailored to prepare our students for their target schools with these differing requirements in mind.

We set regular homework that we expect our students to carry out.  This is an essential part of the learning to ensure that all concepts taught in class are revised through practice at home.  



Our weekly lessons aim to enhance children's reading and comprehension skills and cover such topics as spelling, punctuation, grammar, vocabulary, literary techniques and logical analysis.

For those targeting the super-selective schools we also cover the writing element of the exam giving children the opportunity to practise structured essay and story writing that would form part of the examination.



A depth of understanding for mathematical concepts is required to be successful in the 11+ exams.  We aim to ensure that all of our students are exposed to the skills and subjects needed to pass. Most primary schools do not cover these topics to the level/depth required for the 11+, if at all, causing many able children to miss out on a grammar school place simply because they are unfamiliar with the way in which worded questions are presented in the exam.

We teach children how to tackle seemingly complicated questions by breaking them down into simple steps that can be easily tackled and resolved.


Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning

Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning tests can be tricky to understand without proper preparation.  They assess logical reasoning skills that are simply not covered in most Primary Schools.  

Children are required to draw reason and patterns from shapes and letters, often confusing children who do not know the techniques to decode them.

We teach our students how to approach these types of questions giving them the tools needed to uncover the underlying problems.  

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