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Year 3 Tuition Program

Creating a Brighter Future

Pathway to Success

Following the upheaval recent events have caused in children’s education, demand has arisen for a new Year 3 program. Many parents have been concerned with their child’s progress, and as such our program has been developed with the aim to bridge those gaps created. The idea is to gently introduce concepts and skills to children at an earlier stage so there is less stress in Years 4 & 5.


Our Year 3 Tuition Program covers:


•    Mastering mental math concepts

•    Reading & English Comprehension skills

•    Verbal Reasoning & Vocabulary


Beginning in Year 3 means that your child can adapt and embed the necessary skills required, allowing them to undergo their 11+ journey at a slow and steady pace. Year 3 will ensure good study habits and instil a love for reading.

Get in touch now to reserve or book your place.

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