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Have you started preparing for St Olave's Stage 2?!

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Ok, so the St Olave's Stage 1 results haven't come out yet, but that shouldn't stop you from starting the St Olave's Stage 2 preparation. For those who are truely serious about St Olave's, you really mustn't waste these few weeks before the Stage 1 results come through.

In all the preparation so far, the focus has been on multiple choice type questions and with the shift in style in Stage 2 you want to make sure your child is well acquainted to it. A lot of our students will also be sitting the Stage 2 Sutton/Wilsons exams and so will already be practicing standard form Maths questions as well as practicing writing in varying styles- newspaper articles, diary entries, story writing, formal and informal letter writing and so on. Ensure your child is familiar with the various styles and formats- spending about 20 -25min on a piece is about right as they should practice generating ideas and writing quickly. For Maths, continue practicing more worded problems including multi-part style questions. There's less than 6 weeks left before St Olave's Stage 2 - make it count!

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