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Preparing your Year 3 child

Following on from our blog on the importance of times tables here are a few pointers on how to prepare your child before they begin with us in Year 4.

1) Times table – We won’t cover this in much detail as we have said it in the last blog but do try to help your child achieve instant recall on their times table.

2) Mental Maths – Teach your child how to add and subtract larger numbers by breaking them down into smaller chunks.

For example 55 + 27 = 55 + 20 + 7.

If you child hasn’t learnt how to mentally add and subtract 10s then start with this first.

3) Reading – Please please please get your child to read regularly (every day). We have a Year 3 Recommended Reading List (that we can send to you if you wish) but if they aren’t keen then let them read any book they want. The important part is that they read, enjoy it, experience different stories and understand it. If it is possible, and I appreciate not all children will, try to get them to write down the words they don’t understand. You can then help them look these up.

4) Writing – Finally ask your child to write short pieces regularly. 5 to 10 lines. A few ideas on topics can be:

Describe your day,

What super power would you like to have?

A book review,

Your favourite holiday,

The magic carpet

What would it be like living in Ancient Egypt (or another time depending on what they cover at school)

You will notice gradual improvement. Look at structure, grammar and spelling. Praise your child for using their imagination.

These are just a few things to work on with them. If you would like some specific advise, then please get in touch.

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